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Varese, Italy

Anita Morvillo is an Italian architect specialized in the design and manual production of lighting furnitures.


The bodies conceived by Anita Morvillo are produced manually by craftsmanship whose manufacturing principle is of a textile nature with the use of metal filament.

The reticular wefts produced through weaving reveal themselves in the form of fabric fragments, a sort of semi-transparent, very thin and very light flat screens characterized by luminous rigidity. The pieces are silver in color and have a reflective quality derived from the physical characteristics of the metal material. Through the mere technique of juxtaposition and superimposition of the reticular modules, translucent, three-dimensional bodies come to life. These objects, if observed from different types of perspectives, manifest themselves through visual contradictions and illusionism therefore the latter seem to move with elegant beauty and slowness as if they live in a liquid environment. The furnitures developed by Anita were initially conceived as pieces of lighting design, during construction they turned out to be highly sculptural and volumetric objects thanks to a careful study of natural and artificial light, which, emerging from a unique light source, is reflected in a broad and complex way on the stiffened metal textures that make up the entire body. The treatment of light therefore proves competence and artistic sensitivity since conceived by the artist, not only as functional element but as an integral part in the plastic elaboration of the artefact and as the spirit of the work itself. 


Anita Morvillo graduated in 2018 at the USI, Mendrisio Academy of Architecture in Switzerland with the Swiss Architect Valerio Olgiati. During a period of study at The Insititute of Thechnology, in Kyoto, Japan, she was able to approach and learn about the unusual and avantgarde methods of processing some materials. A period of study with the Dutch architect Anne Holtrop allowed her to deepen her research in the field of processing and experimentation with materials. After graduating in Architecture, she starts to independently conduct research in the artistic sculptural field working in parallel as an Architect and Teaching Assistant for the Swiss Architect Angela Deuber at the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Norway. Anita Morvillo is currently working on the development of her own practice based in Italy and as project assistant for Riccardo Blumer studio.

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